S.H.T.F. Road Rage!


In my book I describe the places that an Apocalyptic Warlord will target to plunder and rape.

One of those places will be the 100 mile long traffic jams.

In recent history, millions have fled their homes to avoid the impending doom of a hurricane.  People fleeing the cities have been caught up and stranded for days in traffic jams over 100 miles long.

There aren’t enough cops to protect the cities let alone all the highways and back roads.

In the havoc and desperation of masses of people fleeing the cities during a societal collapse, the city streets and interstates will be choked to a standstill.  These long, unprotected, stretches of cash carrying men, women, and children fleeing their homes with their most valuable possessions will be easy pickings for the criminally minded.

Bands of organized marauders and cutthroats will appear once they realize that there will be absolutely no consequences for their actions. They won’t miss a step in taking advantage of an opportunity like this.  They already live in this criminally minded paradigm. They will act fast and have a head start.

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Punks, Dickweeds and Anarchists.


One of my fears during any disaster are the people who deliberately make a bad situation worse.
It doesn’t matter what manner of disaster has caused a societal collapse. A big danger during the collapse will be gangs of people with nothing to lose and looking to make a bad thing worse.
In recent history, we’ve witnessed people within crowds of demonstrators; instigate violence to insight and perpetuate more violence within the crowd.
Sometime these anarchists are plants from outside groups who want to spark a bigger demonstration or distraction.  Sometimes they are plants from the group being demonstrated against to cause the need for a greater use of force from authorities against the demonstrators.
I realized that there’s no shortage of people that have a feeling of bitterness towards authority and the civilized world.
My guess is that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are disgruntled with their station in life.  People hiding in plain sight, waiting and hoping for a Zombie Apocalypse to occur in the country.  Only then to rise up with their kill list and exact their vengeance upon those they believe to have wronged them.
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Bunker Busting

Bunker Busting

I think doomsday bunkers are a bad idea.
A byproduct of my law enforcement and counter terrorism background is that I look at things from a “Bad Guy” perspective. It’s a mistake to think that all criminals are dumb.
Here’s my reasoning on why I think putting an underground bunker in your backyard is not a good idea.
When it comes to underground bunkers, you might be able to lie to your neighbors about why you’re digging a giant hole in your back yard. However, hiding the fact you’re putting a very large,  re-enforced steel, doomsday bunker in that hole is another matter. People are naturally inquisitive. A giant steel bomb shelter being lowered into the ground in your back yard is sure to draw attention.
Being realistic about the savage nature of our species, I’m fully aware of how every living creature reacts when threatened with dying.  It will do whatever it takes to stay alive.
Maybe I’m alone in thinking this way. But if my family is starving to death during an apocalyptic event and I know my neighbor has sealed himself underground in a tin can full of food and water, I’m going to get a backhoe and dig him out.
There is even an easier way to get the occupants of an underground bunker to come out. The weakness of every doomsday bunker is the fresh air intake. All a person who wants you out of that bunker has to do is find that air intake and plug it. The people inside the bunker will have only 2 choices. Die or come out.
You’re going to want to make sure you take the necessary precautions if you are trying to get survivalists out of their bunker. It’s highly probable that they will come out of their bunker in an agitated state and armed.


If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War ” yet, and want to know how the predictable, savage nature of your fellow human being will bloom when the lights to go out, fear not. You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE.
It’s also available in a very popular EMP resistant print copy.

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New Countries

american shatter

I would caution those who wish for another civil war in America.

If the Federal Government ever loses its control during a societal collapse, a civil war with multiple factions will ensue.  These diametrically opposed, uncompromising factions will struggle to gain control and impose their idea of how to rebuild.

In this scenario, once America collapses, it won’t be coming back to its former self.  What will emerge will be new countries with new borders.  When Rome collapsed it re-emerged as France, Spain and Italy.  Germany and England were also once a part of the Roman Empire.  The fall of Rome was also followed by a little thing called “The Dark Ages” which lasted for a few hundred years.

History shows that food shortages and disease immediately follow every societal collapse or civil war.

“The slaves of today will become the tyrants of tomorrow–the proletariat overthrows the hegemon to become the hegemon itself, only to be eventually overthrown by a proto-hegemon that will in turn lose its position. It is this dizzying cycle that keeps humanity chasing the tail it lost millennia ago”
―  Miguel Syjuco
If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War” yet, fear not.  You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE or get it in a popular EMP resistant print copy.

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A Nation of Procrastinators.


I wrote my book “The S.H.T.F. Art of War” specifically for procrastinators. I’ve worked to keep the information stream lined and right to the point. I created the book to be a short, immediate action type of work that could be read in one sitting.

I did this because most of us are severe procrastinators. Most of us wait until the last minute to do anything.

Even with advanced warning of an impending winter storm or hurricane, the TV News routinely shows people running, last minute to the stores for basic supplies. Humans for the most part, are reactionary creatures and store shelves don’t hold enough supplies for everyone.

In the face of a worst case disaster, there will still be people who wait until the last minute to be proactive in their own survival.

In the event of a societal collapse, I believe this same procrastination phenomenon will happen when people need knowledge on security and warfare. When your life suddenly depends on that knowledge, you’re going to want it in a big damn hurry. I fear in most cases it will be too late for too many.

Security is like air. You never think about it until you don’t have it any more.