Ammo Shortages.

Ammo Shortages.

My philosophy on ammunition accessibility in the Dark Age scenario following a complete societal collapse is a dismal one.

I don’t believe that people will be using ammo like currency.

In a complete societal collapse, I believe ammo will be extremely hard to come by and so valuable that people will not even be trading it for goods and services. It will be hoarded for emergencies only.

Recent attacks on the right to bear arms by politicians have incited a market panic on fire arms and ammunition, which in turn caused many individuals to adopt hoarding behaviors.

Reloading equipment is getting more expensive and certain components like primers are not as prevalent as they once were.

It’s unknown at this writing if or when the market can ever catch up with the increasing demand of the panicked populace.

In a long term grid down scenario, where ammunition is being horded and no new ammunition is being made in vast commercial quantities, the supply will eventually run out.


P.S. I forgot to mention that the Department of Homeland Security just ordered 1. 6 Billion rounds of hollow point and 12 gauge buck shot ammunition. Yep, that’s with a capital B for BILLION. You probably don’t have to worry about ammunition shortages if you work for them.

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