Why write about a worst case scenario?


Nobody ever wished they had a smaller gun in a gun fight or a smaller knife in a knife fight.  I also suspect no one ever wished they were less prepared for a disaster.

My  book “The S.H.T.F. Art of War” was written to give the reader a brutally insightful look into the mind of Apocalyptic Criminal Warlords and how they won’t hesitate to take advantage of a society without the rule of law.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an EMP, dollar collapse, solar flare, earthquake or pandemic that causes a societal collapse.  Criminal hoards will immediately descend upon the uninformed and unprepared to slaughter, rape and pillage what remains.

I wrote my book to address a total societal collapse that shoves humanity off a cliff and into the dark ages. When the Roman Empire fell, the Dark Ages began and lasted for hundreds of years.

Basically from the 5th century to the 8th century, it was Europeans most dismal times with disease and oppression.

No one knows for sure how long a modern day Dark Age will last. I hope it doesn’t last hundreds of years, but just in case it does, I’d rather have a mindset that is prepared for it to be long term.

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