Women will have the most to fear in a Societal Collapse.

Women will have the most to fear in a Societal Collapse.

The hard truth of our species is that for centuries, mankind has found it much easier to ruthlessly use savage force to take what he wants rather than work for it. You can just take one look at the history of mankind to see countless examples of one tribe attacking another to take their women, weapons, land, and food. The “HAVE NOTS” always, eventually rise up and raid the “HAVES” and take their stuff. Usually killing all the males and taking the women as slaves.

In the worst case scenario of a total societal collapse, mankind will revert back to tribal ways for immediate survival. In the event of a complete societal collapse, where goods and services have stopped flowing throughout the country, there will be no 911. No Law Enforcement or Emergency services to come to your aid.

The constitution won’t matter. They’ll be no civil liberties, bill of rights or Geneva Convention to protect your, human rights. I know the vast majority of people believe they have inalienable rights that cannot be taken away. The hard truth is this; even if you believe that your rights are given by a creator of the universe.  It is man that can change them or take them away altogether.


People can and will still believe that a supreme being gave them those inalienable rights. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the man or men in power that allow you to exercise those rights. A quick fact check of all the wars, ethnic cleansing and sexual slavery that’s been done throughout mankind’s bloody history proves this point. For whatever reason, a supreme being hasn’t seen a need to jump in and stop these atrocities yet.

Without a governmental structure to protect and enforce the equal rights of the people, those rights can be stripped away and new ones put in place by a new power. It’s highly probable, that in the immediate wake of a societal collapse, without the rule of law, women could lose their “equal rights” that they enjoy today and once again become property.


I’m not saying all men will have this view. However, they’ll be no shortage of men who would like to take women’s rights back a few hundred years or more.

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