New Countries

american shatter

I would caution those who wish for another civil war in America.

If the Federal Government ever loses its control during a societal collapse, a civil war with multiple factions will ensue.  These diametrically opposed, uncompromising factions will struggle to gain control and impose their idea of how to rebuild.

In this scenario, once America collapses, it won’t be coming back to its former self.  What will emerge will be new countries with new borders.  When Rome collapsed it re-emerged as France, Spain and Italy.  Germany and England were also once a part of the Roman Empire.  The fall of Rome was also followed by a little thing called “The Dark Ages” which lasted for a few hundred years.

History shows that food shortages and disease immediately follow every societal collapse or civil war.

“The slaves of today will become the tyrants of tomorrow–the proletariat overthrows the hegemon to become the hegemon itself, only to be eventually overthrown by a proto-hegemon that will in turn lose its position. It is this dizzying cycle that keeps humanity chasing the tail it lost millennia ago”
―  Miguel Syjuco
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Art Of War


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