Take a Break!

Take a week off from the world. I mean no TV, internet or radio.
It is said the average person rots their brain watching 38 hrs of TV a week. A new study reports the average person spends just about as much time on the internet and social media sites. This isn’t surprising given that almost every phone a person now carries is connected to the internet and social media. If they’re awake, they’re online.
Make the choice to take that time in a week you’d normally be wasting on mindless garbage and instead use that precious time to learn a practical skill.
Choose to take a week long break from the corporate sponsored advertisements being pushed in your face telling you what to buy. Say no to the blatant media propaganda telling you what they think you should be thinking. Push the pause button on the noise coming from the internet youtube doomsayers and Facebook paranoia prophets. Take control of what goes in your head and get some perspective.
It is during these quiet times that you are able to find yourself, examine your life, see what needs to be changed or tweaked, and recharge your life to continue to live with integrity in a world mostly void of integrity.
In my book “The SHTF Art of War” I give a list of post apocalyptic professions. I challenge you to take the next 7 to 10 days and learn a skill. Learn to bake bread, make a soup or be like me and endeavor to make the perfect Mohito.

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