Do you have a high art?


There are people among us who know no depths to their depravity.

Many people expect criminals and predators to have a heart and soul that they can reach. Many people believe criminals think like regular people think.


This is a grave mistake. Predators do not think like you and I think. They don’t have the same compassion for people that we have. They don’t value human life like a normal person does. Thus, you shouldn’t expect any of these compassionate behaviors from street thugs and predators.

Know this, you had better be prepared when your path crosses with one of these predators. Don’t expect normal behavior or that you can get through the whole situation by being nice and playing on his compassion – he has NONE of these qualities.

They will show you no mercy.

Your greatest survival weapons will be being aware of your surroundings, your adaptability and how fast you can react to changing environment.

Thug War

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Art Of War



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