ONE star Review on Amazon.


I enjoy getting reviews that are thought out and articulate.  I don’t care if they are one star reviews. The lower the rating the more interesting the review.  I will point out that a one star review with no commentary is not just rude and in bad taste, it’s also boring and shallow.  The last thing in life you want to be is boring.  So be articulate and witty when you comment.  After all, your comment says a lot about you.

It revives my faith in humanity when someone takes the time to put digital pen to digital paper. Communication after all is the key to understanding.  Discussing different points of view or philosophical observations is the spice of life.

I like this interaction best while sharing wine.

“Quickly, bring me a beaker of Wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something cleaver.” ~ Aristophanes

It revives my faith in humanity when someone takes the time to put digital pen to digital paper.

I encourage you to read the review by GM2011 and my comment to his review by clicking the link below.


Or you can read it here.


Review by GM2011 entitled:  Read Dave Grossman or Rory Miller instead, August 27, 2013

There are four parts to this book, paraphrased and interpreted by me.

1. “the mindset of evil people”
2. “If you are poor and/or ill prepared go to a FEMA camp, they’re great”
3. “If you are not in a FEMA camp, think about scavenging”
4. “Basic things that homesteaders do and will do if SHTF”

My response: (this is my opinion)

1. Instead of reading this book, read Dave Grossman and Rory Miller to get a glimpse into the psychology of war, of evil people. Get a free copy of Sun Tzu’s art of war.

2. You should prep. You should avoid FEMA camps if at all possible, if only for the fact that you not being there opens up a spot for someone else. People who would be reading this book are likely interested in prepping. There are tons of ways to prep on the cheap – in fact there are numerous blogs devoted to the subject. Pooling resources and making a tribe of like minded individuals, despite being poor is a good solution. The solution is not to encourage folks who have not prepared, but for some reason were reading a book about SHTF, to voluntarily go to a FEMA camp. Please do some research on what conditions were like in FEMA camps. In every situation it was not a good. This portion of the book, in my opinion, made me go from mildly appreciating the sophomoric analysis of evil people into severely doubting this man’s moral compass. This part ruined the book and earned a single star.

3. Scavenging. There are better books/blogs/articles out there of how to scavenge. Joe Nobody has a decent book on it. Honestly it was hard to focus on this section because I was still reading it from the standpoint of his ‘go get raped in the FEMA camp, you prepper-book-reading non-prepper idiot’ mindset. It was difficult to transition to that. And no, going to the FEMA camp with a positive mindset and will to thrive in bad situations isnt the ideal solution. Yes, having the right mindset will help you. No, going to a FEMA camp is not to be advocated as a long term survival plan.

My suggestion to the author is to greatly modify his approach to the ‘FEMA camp’ portion of his ebook. Put it at the end (or make it a different ebook altogether, sheesh), and be super clear of your intentions. If you feel like the criticism you have undoubtedly been receiving is unfair, then you have not communicated something properly. If you wish to communicate something else than what your feedback is saying, go and change your ebook. Sell it for a dollar and talk through the issues in a better way.


My Response to the review above.

I appreciate the
reviewer taking the time to add his voice to the conversation. Most do not.

It’s true. I’m not the perfect communicator. I’m also not entirely sure what
direction my moral compass will point in a complete societal collapse. I would
hope it points to the good and righteousness side of my humanity. The reviewer
is absolutely right to be cautious of my moral compass. As should everyone
finding themselves in the worst case disaster scenario I describe in my book. I
believe he has learned something very important from my book after all.

Until a person is faced with starvation or the starvation of their family
members, they do not know what direction their moral compass will point. I
could very well become the evil I warn about in my book. I have the skills and
knowledge for such nefarious behavior. We cannot know what our disaster
personality is until we are faced with said disaster.

I’ve done my research and hope never to be in a FEMA Camp. However, if
unfortunate events befall me, and I find myself in one, I’m glad to have the
knowledge I’ve shared in my book. A major part of survival, after all, is being
prepared for the things we wish to avoid. Like it or not FEMA camps will be the
only option for millions.

The reviewer is right, the book by Dave Grossman and Rory Miller go into deeper
depth about the physiology of war and evil people. If you have time, and have
an interest, I highly recommend you read their work. I also recommend reading
the book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. A very short book
like mine, that you can read in about 45 minutes. It will have an amazing
impact on your outlook on life. It’s $10 more than my book, but I find the
knowledge is well worth it.

It’s true; there is an incredible amount of FREE information on the web to
search through. I also provide lots of FREE information on my (shtfartofwar)
website. My book however, was not written for the preppers and survivalists who
know it all and have all the answers. The SHTF Art of War is written as an
“immediate action” work for the humble, regular, everyday
procrastinators of the world who suddenly wake up and realize they need
important survival information now.

It’s written for those who do not have the time to sift through the massive
amounts of information in the endless blogosphere or dedicate time to reading a
lengthy book about the psychology of criminals. It’s for those who are tired of
the cookie cutter, apocalyptic fiction novel that revolves around a cast of
characters trying to get home or rebuild after an EMP or solar flare.

It’s for those who want the (4 parts paraphrased and interpreted by the
reviewer) and want it NOW.

Best of luck to you all. Except the bad guys. I hope you have no luck at all.


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