You can be an Ass…if you’re an Asset!

You can be an Ass...if you're an Asset!

It’s a good policy to not be an ass. However, in a grid down society, having the skills, tools and knowledge to help rebuild and sustain a community puts you in the drivers seat of your destiny.
Being an asset makes you needed. Being a liability makes you a burden on others.
Human nature as it is, makes us not so fond of individuals who burden the rest of the community.  We as humans don’t look favorable on those who “take” and give nothing in return.
In a grid down environment, the welfare state will no longer exist. If you do not have skills, tools or knowledge that benefits the survival community you find yourself in, you are a liability. You are a burden.
Do a quick self evaluation. What value would you bring a community that is struggling to survive in an environment with out power?
If you cannot answer this question quickly, I suggest you read the “Post Apocalyptic Career” section of “The SHTF Art of War.”  It’s available for immediate download at

Art Of War


One thought on “You can be an Ass…if you’re an Asset!

  1. Funny you should say that.
    Written off by some local survivalists because I’m partially physically disabled, I suddenly became the hero when I turned up with 40 dressed rabbits from a night’s snaring at an open air cook out.

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