The Danger Of Overreacting.


The author, Edgar Rice Burroughs was fond of using the phrase, “the thin veneer of civilization” to describe mankind’s condition in relation to his more fundamental savage makeup.

Human nature doesn’t change.  Like it or not, human’s are selfish creatures and will kill another human for the last scrap of bread.

We are not only selfish; we are reactionary and severe procrastinators.

We are also historically prone to overreacting.

On October 2nd, one day after the shutdown crisis began, the website “armywife” posted pictures from around the country of what was happening on some of the military bases.  In fear of base commissaries being shut down, many people rushed to stock up on food.

Check out the article and read some of the comments by clicking HERE.

For me this is a tiny glimpse at how violently crazy things will become during a real nationwide interruption in goods and services.

The advice I give in my book “The SHTF Art of War” is this;

During the first few weeks of a collapse, looting and riots will be rampant.  Outside on the streets scavenging will NOT be the place to be.  The worst in human nature will surface once people find out that there will be no consequence for their action.

A 30 day supply of food and water already in your house, apartment or bug out location will help keep you safe at home while other unprepared individuals have to make a mad rush to the local Wal-Mart to fight the “hoards” of zombies to get things they need.

Staying out of sight and out of mind will be your best option. Just check Youtube “Black Friday Mobs” to see how people get trampled to death by other people trying to get a “good deal” on an ipad or a pair of Nike shoes.  If people get that insane over shoes and electronics during “civilized” times, what will it be like when food and water are scarce?

If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War” yet, fear not. You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE.

Just click the image below to get the digital copy of the book.

Art of War Covera 1a1

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