The Most Important Rule About Shooting.


I have a rule about shooting on the range.

Like a lot of people, I’m very busy these days and finding some time for the range is hard to come by.

I’ve humbly accepted the sobering fact that I’m not as high speed low drag as I once was.  Getting old ain’t for no sissy. The older we get the slower we get.  The simple truth is that when we age we just don’t react as fast as we used to as a young buck.  So keeping up my skills with the “shoot-en iron” becomes even more important.

So what I do is this; I pick a day to spend time on the range.  I call it my “golf” day. When that day comes around I go shoot no matter what the conditions are.  Wind, rain, sleet or snow, I sling some lead and practice my fundamentals and run a few drills.

Handling a firearm is a perishable skill.

We do not know the hour or manner in which we will put to the ultimate life and death test of courage and skill.

I encourage you to put a “golf” day on your calendar and go gets some fresh air.


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