What Danger Can A Disgruntled Person Pose.


Nobody can accurately predict what the future holds.

I think most of us can agree that some people and cultures can’t get their shit together.  I will include our government leaders in that group as well.

The Middle East is in a constant state of violent unrest with different tribes scrambling to have a nuclear device to enforce their particular view of religion.   Two potent devices which have historically proven themselves to be dangerous enough on their own let alone mixed together. 

An EMP, solar flare, earthquake, global financial crash, pandemic, pollution, corporate greed, economic instability could all cause a societal collapse.

However, with all the discontent in our culture today I believe the world won’t be ended by a bomb.  I came to the following conclusion while watching an episode of HBO’s series “The News Room.”

One of the characters on the show said “The world won’t be ended by a bomb.  It will be ended by a disgruntled kid who hacks into a system, opens dams and canals, or changes the pressure in oil pipelines and causes huge explosions in heavily populated areas.”

I believe this is a real danger when I considered how our much our society is interconnected and greatly dependent on computers these days.  How fragile is the power grid anyway.


However, when asked what my biggest fear is.  I personally fear some “nitwit” smashing into me because they’re texting as they’re driving down the road.  

texting and driving 471

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