Famous Author Feels Social Media has Become Tedious & Boring.


Breaking News!

Famous Author Takes A Break From Social Media.

There will be a limited run of an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) proof “printed” version of the book “The SHTF Art of War” coming out before Christmas.  I’ll announce the release of the print version via social media when that happens.

I’m passionate about my writing.  I love writing and will continue to work on my two novels that will be released in the near future.

Both Novels will have lot’s of violence and unsavory characters with unredeeming qualities.  These characters are based on real people I’ve worked with in the private security sector in the Middle East.

However, for now, I’ll be taking a mini break from the blog and Facebook.

For me it’s a love hate relationship.  Being a self-published author, the social media aspect of the internet helps me get the word out about my book.

However, I also dislike all the noise and un-original aspect of all the posts I see on Facebook and blogs.  Anybody can post a clever picture with an inspiring quote from someone else.  I’m guilty of it myself.

I find social media growing tedious and boring.

I feel there’s too much noise.  It’s not just the corporate advertisements and commercials in your face 24/7.  Everybody is talking at once.  Nobody is listening.  Everybody has an opinion but nobody is actually doing anything.

I believe a mini break from the noise will do me good.  I’m going to turn my back on the noise for awhile and go on an adventure.  I feel the best adventures have to include an element of danger and require you to have to work to earn your fun.

Those are the adventures that make the best stories.

I encourage you to stop watching life on the internet and go on an adventure.

Sprinkle some danger in your life.

Don’t take pictures of your adventure.  Let that adventure be yours.

Remember…You don’t have to share every damn thing on the internet.


Make yourself a drink and read “The SHTF Art of War.”

Just click the image below to get it immediately on Kindle.

Alex shtf frame

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