NatGeo’s American Blackout!

I was recently asked what my biggest concern was in the realm of SHTF disasters.  Living just south of Canada in the Northern region of Minnesota with winter fast approaching, I said HEAT.  I like heat. Heat is good.  Especially when it’s -30 outside and the power goes out.

Which, coincidentally, happened to me last winter.


Being the procrastinator that I believe most of us are, I still have not remedied that situation.   I know, shame on me!   However, I have set aside some money this summer and instead of buying that New Ruger 22 pistol I’d really, really like to have, I am going to pick up a couple of kerosene heaters to at least keep the water pipes from freezing and heat one room of the house in the very “likely” event that a power outage may happen again this winter. Damn Priorities!!!

I know, I know, you must be thinking that a famous self published author such as myself would be rolling in the SHTF dough and have no problem outfitting a fully stocked doomsday bunker with a highly trained security team to protect it.  Well, you’d be wrong.  The SHTF/prepping community is a very small community.  Preppers and survivalist who’ve read my book are an underground niche minority of a minority.  Needless to say, I won’t be quitting my two jobs anytime soon.

But I digress.

NatGeo has an original movie called American Blackout – which premieres Sunday, Oct. 27. The story revolves around a power grid collapses following a cyber attack, forcing the nation into an immediate crisis.


Power outages happen all the time for a variety of reasons.  In one of the most notorious power outages in Fargo ND. An enormous power outage happened in 1995, when a would be burglar cut telephone lines as he tried to disable burglar alarms.  It would be an event that paralyzed the city for days.

I’m not much of a TV watcher but I do plan to check out this show.  I encourage you to do so as well.

If you’re concerned about who’s coming for you when the lights go out, fear not.  You can get the SHTF Art of War immediately with no waiting by clicking the image below.   Unless there’s a power outage.  Then your just up the creek without a paddle.

Art of War Covera 1a1

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