The idiots want you to join their village.

Don’t join the village of idiots.

I found this little movie called “iDiots” not only fun to watch, it also sums up our consumer based society as a whole. Just click the image above to watch this 4 minute movie.

Most people are surface thinkers never paying attention to what’s around them or ask any questions.

They never look below the surface of the reality they are handed.

Most people never look beyond the words on the pages of the book. They don’t look into the motivations behind the people or person who wrote the book.

If you know someone like this, I suggest you try to get them to watch the movie “Ethos: A Time For Change.”  Just click the picture below.


However, you must be mindful that even when the truth is laid out in front of some people, they still wont accept it.


There are a lot of preppers and survivalists that fall into that category as well.

If you are reading this out of the way, little blog, I say the odds are very high that you do not fall into that category of oblivious human consumer.


You are a splinter collective of a fringe society that’s broke away from a minority group that makes up an infinitesimal portion of main stream society.

You’re more than likely someone that could be called “On Their Own Program.”If you sometimes feel all alone in your awareness, remember this;

“It’s lonely at the top and in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.”

If you’d like to learn more about being on your own program and how the criminal element will take advantage of a grid down environment to make a bad situation worse,

you can read “The SHTF Art of War.”

Just click the image below.

Art of War Covera 1a1

One thought on “iDiots

  1. Yes, that’s the trouble with searching for the truth… what to do when you find it’s a bigger dog than you expected! The truth includes “the whole truth,” and “nothing-but the truth.” A lot of searchers are gonna have to abandon a lot of nice, cushy daydreams; myself included.

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