Our Ego Is Our Enemy.


In a disaster of any kind, our ego is our enemy.

Be honest about your limitations and don’t take unnecessary chances.  I believe there are things we can change and things we cannot.  Situations we can prepare for and situations we can’t expect.  There are just some situations we can’t possibly foresee.

Your greatest survival weapons will be your adaptability and how fast you can react.

Do the best you can to be reactive to the environment and flow with the situations you encounter.  You can start training your mind now by replacing the words “How can I” whenever you want to say “I can’t”.

Decide to survive.  Enjoy the peace and abundance we have today. Learn how to use the tools in your survival toolbox.  Gain the knowledge and skills that will make you as self reliant as possible.

Good luck and watch your back.

The SHTF Art of War is a literary work that is stripped down to quickly deliver the reader information on topics such as disaster personalities, the 21 traits and skills of an apocalyptic warlord and how he will conduct his reign of terror. It covers how to pick a winning survival team, 25 FEMA camp refugee rules, how to get ready for your FEMA camp stay and what it takes to be a post apocalyptic scavenger. Plus a list of post apocalyptic professions to ensure you are a value to a grid down community.

You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE.

Just click the image below.

Art of War Covera 1a1

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