The Manuscript is back from the editor.

arrow stuck

My manuscript for the updated version of “The SHTF Art of War” just got back from the editor last night.

Even though it’s vastly improved, I still feel pretty beat up over the whole ordeal.

I’ve struck out on this writing adventure with no help and have stepped on a few mines.  One of them was not getting a better editor.


If you have a manuscript that you want to get turned into a book, I highly recommend you get an editor with experience.  Start with your circle of people in your life and begin your search for your editor.

I liken the process of being edited to being stripped naked and examined and having all your flaws pointed out in glaring detail.  In my case my editor is actually a medical doctor and is quite thorough in his edits.


I will say that I am fortunate to have a good working relationship with my editor.  We routinely have long conversations about religion, philosophy and the nature of mankind.  We also occasionally discuss the many theories behind the UFO crash at Roswell New Mexico.

Needless to say, he’s a very intelligent and interesting man.

He is currently working on a manuscript of his own.  I’m extremely excited for his book to become a reality and be one of the first to read it.

He’s asked me to be the subject matter expert on some of the content to his book.  So it’s a good guess that his book will fit right into the apocalyptic theme of things on this blog. 

You can be sure to hear about it on this blog as soon as it becomes a reality.

That concludes my update.  From here the work begins on formatting the manuscript to be ready for print as well as the cover art.

One thought on “The Manuscript is back from the editor.

  1. You have learned well, grasshopper; your balance is good and your blade is well-tempered…pass the bandaids, please. Nothing beautiful is perfect; nothing perfect is beautiful.
    –editor poo

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