Do You Have The Power To See Through Bullshit?

Knowledge is power and solid, reliable information is vital to maintaining that power.

What is that power?

It’s the power to influence others and see through Bullshit.


 After working in the Middle East for about 3 years, I wrote an ebook called “Contractor Secrets Exposed.”  It’s a short book (not currently available at this time) that’s full of tips and tricks of the contracting trade.  Written to help others get into careers working overseas and avoid many of the pitfalls I encountered on my journey.

In that ebook, I say that I hate office politics just as much as the next guy.  I also say you don’t have to participate in them but you better damn sure understand who the power players are.

The same can be said for politics and world events.  Understanding the world you live in can aid in your survival.


It’s important to understand that Corporate run media is just that…corporate.  Meaning it has share holders and sponsors and those share holders and sponsors have an agenda.  They have a vested interest in the “Spin” that’s put on a story.


Don’t take corporate news at face value.  Check out alternate sources.

Here’s a New media outlet to do just that.

The Intercept

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