Perfect for the Bug-Out-Bag.


The perfect book for the Bug-Out Bag.

Written for the procrastinator in all of us that waits for the last minute to do anything.

It’s also written for those who have an Attention Deficit Disorder.

I designed the SHTF Art of War to be a quick, immediate action manual that’s stripped down to quickly deliver the reader information on topics such as how the criminal element will conduct their reign of terror.

It covers how to pick a winning survival team, how to prepare for a stay at a FEMA camp, what to expect in a 100 mile traffic jam and what it takes to be a post apocalyptic scavenger.

It also provides a list of post collapse professions that ensure you’re essential to a grid down community.  Plus a whole lot more.

This book covers those controversial real world subjects you never think about unless you live in a war zone or an underdeveloped country.  It pushes your mind into an uncomfortable way of thinking.

Get your copy today at Just click the image below.

Art of War Covera 1a1

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