Zero Credibility


I’ve finally reached the point where all of the main stream media now has zero credibility. It’s pure agenda driven theater.

Why do I say this? Because of the complete lack of coverage to the Bundy Ranch stand-off where Americans literally stood up and went rifle barrel to rifle barrel against the Bureau of Land Management.

The biggest story of the year so far and most people don’t know about it.

These are strange times indeed. If you’re not up to speed on the Bundy Ranch stand-off and what has lead up to this situation you can get informed by going to the NextNewsNetwork.

I’m also a big fan of Stefan Molyneux at

He has some fantastic commentary about this situation.

I’m very troubled by the media blackout on this GIANT story by the main stream media. They purposely did it to keep American citizens in the dark.

For me, it’s the final straw. I haven’t been getting all my news from main stream media for quite some time. I actually gave them a little bit of credit. However, from now on, I can no longer look at any main stream news outlet with a straight face. The “jig is up” so to speak. I’m on to the game.

Two thing are perfectly clear now.

1. Without citizen journalism, your story and the truth will not be told.

2. Without private gun ownership, you are not free.

In my book, I poke a little fun at the conspiracy theorist folks out there. However, after seeing this stand-off occur, I now I think I might have to eat a little crow on that.

I wrote “The SHTF Art of War” to be a quick, down and dirty slap in the face. Which is exactly what most of us will need, to wake us out of our daze during a societal collapse.

I knew I wouldn’t be covering everything you need to know in the book. So that’s why I started this blog. To continue to put forth FREE information on the ever changing world we live in.

Thanks for stopping by and keep your eyes open and ears to the ground.

To get your own down and dirty slap in the face, just click the image below.


2 thoughts on “Zero Credibility

  1. Just finished your book. Great job. My only point of disagreement is on how well an armed populace will do against whatever alphabet agency is sent out to help us share our stuff with those who didn’t prepare. Remember long ago a bunch of farmers beat the strongest military in the world. The weapons and tech have changed but the resolve of the 3% is the same. There are literally Millions of armed veterans out here. I agree that life will sick for awhile but I am optomistic. Noone with any brains wants a confrontation nor will the people back down from one. Looking at the state of affairs in our country all it might take is another Bundy ranch type incident where cooler heads don’t prevail.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment James. I welcome all points of view and appreciate your insight. I believe organization would dictate how well an armed populace would do against an “alphabet” force. The Bundy Ranch incident was an eye opener to what is possible by the people. I’m sure eyes were opened on the Fed’s side of the fence. I’m with you, my fear James, is that cooler heads won’t prevail next time. Once again, thanks for your input.

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