Guns! Guns! Guns!

This will be my 120th blog post!


So let’s make it about Guns and a FREE business idea for someone to take advantage of.

First off, let me give you the problem before I give you my free business idea and solution.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe if you own a firearm you should be trained in the use of that firearm.  Also, I believe if you carry one for protection, it would be a good idea to get some advanced training on using that firearm in a stressful environment.

Now we get to the problem.

I don’t know about you but I don’t have the kind of money to attend one of these advanced pistol or rifle courses.  In fact, I don’t know of anyone in my social circle who can afford those courses.

On average, the cost of tuition for a 3 day pistol or rifle course can range from $450 to $800.  You’ll also have to provide your own ammunition.  Most of the pistol and rifle courses require you to bring 1,500 to 1,800 rounds of ammunition. On the low end, just for 9mm, that adds another $500 or more onto your tuition cost.  That’s not including travel and lodging expenses.  I’m sure there may be some cheaper classes but all total, you’re looking at at least $2,000 to attend one of these advanced courses.

While nothing beats hands on instruction by actual instructors, you can still get some good training by buying some advanced shooting DVD’s like the Magpul series and practicing on your own.


I’m sure these are hands down,  amazingly beneficial courses.  But your average Joe these days just doesn’t have the expendable income to attend a basic or advanced gun fighting course.

My solution, or my opinion to what would be more beneficial to a person, especially a woman, is to have a weapons familiarization course.

Guns are just tools in a tool box.  Understanding “what tool is what” is a big first step in fixing a problem.

A one day weapons familiarization course that teaches sight alignment and why the bullet comes out the barrel would benefit a lot of people.  A course that has the participants become familiar with revolvers, semi-auto handguns, pump shotguns, lever actions and the AR platform.

At the end of the course, they’re not expert shots but can pick up almost any firearm, figure out what bullets go in it, know how to operate it and get lead down range.

So there you go.  A free business idea for a weapons familiarization shooting course.

I know I’m going to put on a private course for some of the people in my local area.  If you have advanced shooting experience or are a firearms instructor,  I encourage you to do the same.  It’s better they’re familiar now than have to learn the hard way when the shit is really hitting the fan.

If you haven’t noticed by now, if you are not armed, you are not free.

You can get a further reality check by reading…

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