Contractor Secrets Revealed (FREE BOOK)


The “WAR DRUMS” are beating once again in the Middle East.

To a “Contractor” that’s the sound of money.

Working as an overseas “Contractor” is a challenging and ever changing career field. I’d be stupid to tell you I know everything about the business.  However, during my time working as a “Contactor” in the Middle East, I had the amazing opportunity to work with and learn from some incredibly smart and talented people who had their “stuff” together. I’ve also observed first hand what NOT to do from some NOT so smart people.

I wrote this book in 2009 upon my return to the U.S.

This e-book is the result of my notes and ongoing interviews with “newbie’s” and old veteran “war horses” of the overseas contracting trade, as well as my own personal experiences and observations working and traveling throughout the Middle East as a contractor.

This e-book has information that will pertain to anyone doing most any kind of contract work overseas as well as armed service men & women on military deployments.  It’s filled with intricate details you can only learn by being there.

So if you’ve never worked as an overseas contractor before or traveled to a foreign country, this e-book is just what the doctor ordered to enlightening you and getting you on your way.

If you’re an old war horse at the trade, then this book is also for you. Because you, most of all should know better than to say you know it all. This is a fast changing, cut throat career field. There just might be some information in the following pages that will move you ahead of the herd trying to get on a contracting job or it might help advance you in your current job and make more money.

Good Luck and watch your six!

In c130two

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Contractor Secrets Exposed 2014

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