The Big One


Just like Californians are waiting for the “Big One” in reference to the mega-earthquake that causes biblical destruction in the state, I feel we are fast approaching the “Big” riot that causes mayhem across the major cities in America.

Here’s why.  We have a disgruntled segment of society that is just “itch-en” for a reason to take it to the man.  They don’t care what sets it off or who gets in their way once the game is on.

There are people among us that are disgruntled with their station in life.  There are individuals and gangs who have a bitterness towards authority figures, especially the police.

Recent events show that there is no shortage of people waiting and hoping for circumstances to allow them to rise up and exact their vengeance upon those they believed have wronged them.

We also have maladjusted people in our midst that only want to watch the world burn.

My fear is that some of these groups and agitators are organized.

Our infrastructure that provides goods and services throughout this country is extremely fragile.


Attacking soft targets like cell phone towers, electrical transformer substations, fuel storage areas, and other such unguarded sites will quickly overwhelm the capabilities of the emergency services.  EMS and Fire departments won’t respond to the location of an emergency if it is not safe.  You may be on your own for hours or days.

I’m not taking about a high-tech computer hacker attack.  I’m talking about rocks, small arms fire and the favorite weapon of Urban Guerrilla Fighter’s around the world.

The Molotov Cocktail.


I may be thinking too far ahead on this, but all the facts are not in yet about the Walter Scott Shooting in North Charleston, South Carolina.

People (as well as media outlets) are declaring the cop guilty before a trial in a court of law can take place.


The lawyers will present a defense for the Cop and that will infuriate people.

My concern is this. While I will let the courts decide. The Ferguson & Baltimore riots prove that many will not wait and or disagree with our legal system and take their, anger, frustration, violence and ignorance to the streets and neighborhoods.

fire van

When this trial starts, once again we will see protesters who will become a mob that doesn’t think the “Rule Of Law” applies to them.

I feel it will be worse than anything we have seen to date.

If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War” yet, and want to know how the savage nature of your “fellow man” is going to rise to the surface when the lights go out, fear not.


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Art Of War


face bt-youtube

Bonus content for the intelligent and aware.

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