10 Reasons your kids should build an AR15.

Teach Your Kids to Build an AR15 and they won’t be able to afford Drugs.

It’s hard to get kids to do anything these days.  Especially getting them involved in activities outside away from their digital devices.


I recommend getting them hooked on building an AR15.  There seems to be no end to  the AR variants and accessories on the market today.  AND…more coming out all the time.


Getting a kid hooked on building an AR15 rifle will;

1. Expose them to the world of Craftsman and Smart, Successful, Entrepreneurs.

2. Teach them patience.

3. Develop the ability to focus.

4. Allow them to become creative.

5. Give them mechanical skills.

6. Boosts their ability to analyze and problem-solve.

7. Encourage them to find a job that supports their new hobby.

8.  Boost self-confidence.

9. Gives them a sense of pride.

10. Building a firearm on their own will make them understand about accountability.

gun parts

But remember this!

It’s not all about guns and gear!
A successful survivor is unpredictable. Their greatest survival weapon is their adaptability and how fast they can react in a changing environment.

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Art Of War



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