The Quick & The Dead


All you gun toting, macho, male survivalists and preppers out there listen up!
Your wife know’s the inside of your local grocery store like the back of her hand.  Ask her where the lentil beans are at and she can tell you what isle, what shelf, and how many steps it takes to get there blind folded.
When the some shit-storm disaster goes down and you only have minutes to get to the store for supplies, she is your biggest asset on “knowing where” everything you need in the store is.
Here’s a homework assignment for you.  It doesn’t matter if she’s a prepper or not.  Ask her this…
“If you knew that the all grocery stores were going to close in 30 minutes and would not open up for 30 days, and you only had 10 minutes to go inside and shop, what would you buy?”
Now here’s where you men shut up and listen.  I mean really…shut your trap. Don’t offer any recommendations.
Have a pen and paper ready and write down everything she recommends.
Next and most importantly…Have her draw you a map to where all these items are located in the store.  Take that list and map and make copies.  Put a copy in the glove compartment of all your vehicles.  You never know when disaster will strike and it may be YOU who has to do the “panic” shopping that day.
It would behoove you fellas to go on a “shopping date” with your wife and have her show you where all these items she recommends are located.  That way you’ll have a mental map of where you need to go.
If you know someone who could benefit from this advice, please feel free to share this blog post and/or video.
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Art Of War


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One thought on “The Quick & The Dead

  1. Had to chuckle a bit about your article. I am the one that does nearly all the shopping, so if I had to rely on my wife to find items quickly, we would be out of luck. I also do almost all the cooking, unless our adult daughter is cooking with me.

    That being said, I hope the target audience for your article does follow your advice, as it could be life saving in a real emergency.

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