It’s Good to be King.


Keep your cunning warrior brain active.

I’m not talking about those stupid meme’s that refer to keeping calm, be polite, but have a plan to kill everyone in the room or the one that say’s “don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.”

Nope, those two dimensional, warrior philosophies are for the peasants, pawns and rookies.

I’m talking about exercising your noodle a bit grander than that.

I’m talking about standing back and looking at the bigger picture.

Alex shtf frame

You must constantly stoke the fires of your inner conquerer.

Let me break this down for you.

Your brain is a muscle and if you are to remain strong for when reality as you’ve known it has been turned upside down and inside out, you must exercise your disaster brain.

With the exception of first responders, hardly anyone at all exercises their disaster brain.

Remember these two points.
#1 It’s good to be King.
#2 Information is power

Most people want to be led and only think superficially.

Most people live pay check to pay check and barely make ends meet.

They’re too busy and don’t have time for such thoughts.

Other than a flashlight for a power outage during a storm, realistically, hardly anyone plans for a disaster at all.


Even with advanced warning of an impending winter storm or hurricane, the News routinely shows people running, last minute to the store for basic supplies. Humans for the most part, are unprepared, reactionary creatures and store shelves don’t hold enough supplies for everyone.

Think Deeper and Darker.

I encourage you to think much deeper than even those who’ve chosen a career in Emergency Management.

In a long term Grid-Down society, it’ll be more important to know where things are and how to get it.

You don’t need to be the guy with all the guns and a year’s supply of food.

It’s way more valuable to be the “Man with the Plan.”

Let’s say you’re one of the legions of people who can’t afford a year’s supply of dehydrated food or a tricked out assault rifle with 2,000 rounds of ammo.  You can’t raise sheep, rabbits or plant a garden.  You know nothing about stacking gold and silver coins and couldn’t afford it if you did.

Here’s where you can become an asset to a community struggling to stay alive.


Here’s the part where Information equals power comes into play.  But you have to do your homework.

Your Homework Assignment.

Get a good map of your area.  Not a map quest map.  Get a good road map or atlas from your local gas station and a larger one from a company like  You must plan like there’s no electricity and no internet.

You should know the location of Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, EMT’s and Vets.

Hey you know where your nearest gas station, Target and Walmart are located right? You’d also be wise to know where your other service assets are in a long term grid-down scenario.

Speaking of Walmart and Target, you’d be wise to know what companies send shipments of goods through your area.  When I say goods, I refer to food that’s being delivered to grocery stores.

What are their schedules?  Where do they stop to make deliveries?  What times?  What current and alternate routs of travel do they have?

Many towns across America have sprung up along the railways that criss-cross this country.

Does a train pass through your town?  What’s the train schedule for your town? 

Where are your water sources?  (Reservoirs, ponds and lakes)

Not only should you know where your local grocery store is, you should also know where your Farmers Markets are located.

How about Fuel?  Do you have storage areas for gasoline, diesel, and kerosine in your area?

Do you know your nearest auto-mechanic, electrician and plumber?

Who runs your local buy and sell auctions and flea markets?

By now, I hope you’re starting to see the picture.  You put yourself at a great disadvantage being the paranoid guy hiding away in your bunker with all your guns and food.

You will do much better by being an asset to your grid-down community if you can solve problems.  At the very least, be the guy who knows a guy that can solve problems.


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Art Of War


F@#k Nakatomi Plaza

F@#k Nakatomi Plaza!
I heard that term the other day and it’s one I wholeheartedly subscribe to.
I see many a youtube warrior these days saying how he’s a sheep dog and will use his gun to protect and go to the aid of others.
I say FNP.  If you want to be John McClane and go up against the recently excommunicated member of a radical East German political group, Hans Gruber and his henchmen, knock yourself out.
I’m getting out of the building.


When a deranged and heavily armed individual is hell bent on killing everyone he comes in contact with, the smart individual avoids contact with said deranged individual.
Unless directly confronted with a threat…I am not running towards the sound of gunfire.
The odds are, you’re not that good in a gunfight and from the outset, you’re on the wrong side of the oldest game in the book, which is an ambush!
If you’re still hell bent on being a hero, here’s something to think about.  You could die.
Your wife will collect your life insurance check and comfort her sorrows with some other man and remarry (probably with-in the year) and your kids will eventually play ball with someone else they call dad.

Greenback Whore

Worse yet, you could be severely injured and spend the rest of your life paralyzed in a wheel chair with a colostomy bag attached to your leg.  You could take a bullet to the brain and end up in a nursing home learning your ABC’s all over again.  (At this point you should re-read the part about your wife finding comfort in someone else’s arms.)
If you still have delusions of grandeur and insist on being a hero that saves the day and becomes an instant celebrity for a 24 hr news cycle, you should take into account that the people you save aren’t going to pitch in and pay your medical bills.


I’m not against doing what it takes to defend yourself.  I just don’t believe in getting into a gunfight you don’t have to be in.
I’ll also say this, if you don’t believe in carrying a firearm for your own protection, sorry about your luck. You are on your own.  I’m not responsible for you.
You should do yourself a favor and read my article about not waste your time trying to give answers to people who haven’t even asked the question.


If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War ” yet, and want to know how the predictable, savage nature of your fellow human being will bloom when the lights to go out, fear not. You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE.
It’s also available in a very popular EMP resistant print copy.

Art Of War



A special note:  The DIE HARD movie is a film adaptation of a 1979, Roderick Thorp, Novel called Nothing Lasts Forever.