The DNC’s S.H.T.F. Mistake.

The Democratic National Committee just created a monster.

A monster we should all be concerned about.


The Bernie Sanders supporters, the Berniacs, just ran smack-dab into reality.

They are now feeling the real burn from wikileaks exposing that the DNC rigged the primary against them.

They will not forget this deep betrayal and just go away.  This movement will hurt (maybe cost) the DNC in this election and defiantly come back to haunt them in the next election.

The best thing you can do to inspire a young person full of piss & vinegar to enact revenge upon you, is to lie to them and cheat them and tell them they don’t matter. Good job DNC!

Good news! According to a new study, holding a grudge burns more calories than not holding one.

Many Democrats scoff at the young naive Bernie supporters and say…

“Welcome to the big leagues.”

“Grow -up!”

“If you don’t like it, why don’t you do something productive about the election process instead of whining and rabble rousing.”

I believe it’s a huge mistake to discount the “Bern-E-Acts”.

We should be careful what we wish for. Those tech savvy “kids” will have 4, maybe 8 years to marinate their anger, grow up, contemplate and organize.

They won’t be the same next time you see them.

They just had their knickers pulled down and got buggered by the DNC in the shower room on their first day in the big leagues.  All while the world watched and dismissed them as a side show.

That surprised look on their faces is already turning to anger.


These young political revolutionaries have just been taught by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party that you have to cheat to win.  They have taught these young, impressionable youths that corruption and crime really does pay.  And it pays off BIG.

Those socialistic millennials wont make the same mistake twice. Which should be more concerning to freedom loving capitalists than a Trump presidency.


They won’t enter the big league shower room again unarmed and alone.  They wont be without protection.

I do agree, their generation is filled with a plethora of hipster slackers wanting everything for free.  However, I’m more inclined to not dismiss them.  I (begrudgingly) give them a little more credit.

Now that they know that their political leaders cannot be trusted, politicians fight dirty and the game’s rigged against them from every direction, I feel that they’ll react like histories disenfranchised children have always reacted. We’ve given them no other choice.

photo 1

They’ll change the game…or burn it down.

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