There are more losers in this world than winners.

In nature, you either sink or swim. Adapt or die. In the natural world of capitalism, it’s no different.

He who does more, is worth more. You either work hard to be a winner or you don’t.

It’s the people who don’t or won’t work, who realize that they can’t survive in this capitalist system. These are the losers who want to change the capitalist system into a socialist system. A system where they get other peoples stuff.

They want a system that robs you of the fruits of your labor and gives it to them.

We, the people are worried that we will never be able to have a constitutionally elected president ever again. If we, as a nation are willing to let emotion and hysteria stop the processes by which our country has functioned for two centuries plus, just because we aren’t happy with the outcome in this particular case, what are we inviting?

A deterioration of the Republic that, for all its many flaws, stood as the one everyone wanted to be part of. We are losing what made us America. A country where, literally, anyone can become president. Trump and Obama stand as two powerful examples of this. Those who hated Obama didn’t do what those who hate Trump are doing.


The mainstreaming of an unbelievably hysterical war against a president that was duly elected is setting a frightening precedent.

When he is gone in two to four years, the deep wounds and fracturing of our country won’t be forgotten. And may be impossible to mend.


Here’s what is bothersome to me and many others. We have never seen this kind of venom spewed by the losing political party before. It’s a constant barrage 24/7. The losing party has promoted no message for our future other than hate.

The legacy media and internet giants are not only promoting the silencing of ideas and opinions that don’t conform to their’s, they are actively involved in censorship.

You’re probably not aware of the internet destroying, sweeping censorship that’s on its way. Click the image below to hear what Brad at Full Spectrum Survival has to say.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 6.12.33 PM

Soon there will be no platform to bring us together. They have no message for peace and harmony.

ultraIf this president gets elected for a second term, will the losing party escalate to violence?

When they realize their words and censorship are not having an effect to get their candidate elected democratically in a fair election by the people, will they resort to violence?


Here’s a pro-tip: Good or Bad – Violence historically gets shit done.

How about the other outcome.

If the party that is wanting to get rid of the 1st and 2nd amendment and promotes censorship and socialism is the winner, will they use this new power to continue their attack against constitutionally minded people and businesses who believe in individual freedom and limited government?

Here’s my point – If there ever was a time to get your ducks in a row before 2020, this is it.


Prepare now while it’s still easy.

To find out how the savage nature of your neighbor will bloom when he has no food and the lights go out.

Read “The SHTF Art of War.”

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