You Ain’t Moving in With Me!

Here’s a refugee intake worksheet so you know who’s who and who’s got what, when those people you say “You’re Not letting In” arrive at your bug-out location.
Like it or not, you’re going to have people who show up at your door during a SHTF disaster.
You’ll have friends, family and acquaintances showing up in your drive way looking for a handout.
Shutting the lights off and pretending your not home won’t work.  They ain’t going nowhere.  You’re stuck with them.
The way you should look at this is like the old saying about life giving you lemons.


No!  No tequila shots for you.
You’ve got lots of work to do.  You need to put a tribe together and fast.  People do much better in groups.
You now have a labor force desperate for help.
Here’s your FREE downloadable refugee in-processing worksheet for when your guests show up at your door.  “PDF Refugee Intake Worksheet”

Here’s some things to keep in mind.

People will arrive with their decision making ability compromised. They will be suffering with mental trauma and stress.
Blood is thicker than water but you need to stress community before family.


What are they bringing with them?
-Illnesses and special needs.
The number one issue will be feeding everyone.
Confiscate all their supplies. You’re a tribe now.
The number two issue will be keeping your food.
Inventory guns and ammunition.
Who can do what?
What talents are they bringing?
Immediately establish a Work Detail.  Assign jobs to people. Preferably jobs that suit their talents.  You’ll need security, medical, sanitation, communication, food prep, and day care.  The list goes on.
You’ll have to tailor your tribe to your specific needs and vision.  But don’t forget to have a second in command man or woman and some captains.
You can’t do it all yourself.  You’ll burn out fast and lose control of your tribe.  Make sure you delegate.
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The Legend of Ol’ Butch.


On my 49th birthday, I purchased Ol’ Butch from my long time, adventurous, globe trotting, scoundrel pal Thomas Moore. He was about to leave the U.S. for parts unknown and not returning.
I was both surprised that he wanted to let Ol’ Butch go and happy that he thought of me first.  I’d been after him to auction off Ol’ Butch for about 7 years.
Here’s the story of this legendary, well travelled blade in Thomas Moore’s own words.


Ol’ Butch

By Thomas D. Moore
(aka Tomahawk, Pathfinder Tom, Whiskey Jack)
I was sitting around yesterday afternoon, sippin’ a Whiskey and soda, with my Green river knife “Ol’ Butch” hanging around my neck. the sun was warm on my chest, I began to notice a slight tainted fat smell…..I soon discovered the source of the Ambiance as the handle on my Green river Knife.
Unsheathing the blade, I took a long sniff of the handle, and was flooded with memories of past expeditions, wilderness adventures, countries, people, war zones, horses and mules, skinned deer, elk and moose – the list goes on.

Butch 01

This knife has been with me for 23 years. I bought it in a junk shop in Moab, Utah back in 1989 for the ridiculous price of $6.00. Later on I made a sheath for it from some raw hide salvaged from a dead horse I discovered while on a trip in the Utah desert. The handle has always been used as the socket for hundreds of my bow and drill, friction fires.
My knife has been to 87 countries, 6 war zones and 5 continents.
Ol’ Butch is a comforting friend and a constant companion.


I have to kinda chuckle at the knife kooks I read about online that ask silly questions like;
“How do I force a patina on my new Mora?”
– First of all – throw away the Mora, get a Green River and USE IT. Get off of your computers, get out into the woods, deserts, jungles and mountains. Split some wood, cut some meat (and a finger or two), build some fires, defend yourself, and simply USE the Knife!
Tomahawk – Scouts out!


So that’s the story of Ol’Butch.
The lesson here is to go buy or make yourself a blade and get out and use the dern thing.
Brought to you by “The SHTF Art of War“.
It pays to be the smartest guy in the room (with a knife).
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Everyone For Themselves


The average citizen is clueless to their surroundings and has never entertained the idea of what they’d do in a disaster or life threatening situation.

These individuals will lose half their IQ points as soon as the emergency tones go off on their radio.  Tunnel vision and panic will cause them to freeze up and be in your way.

When panic sets in, your average person gets tunnel vision and their field of vision can shrink up to 70%.

Stress hormones are like hallucinogenic drugs that compromise their decision making capability.

You, assuming you’re of the preparedness mindset, will be surrounded by average citizens in complete denial about their reality and they will not be able to cope, adapt or overcome.

“Did you know that the biggest threat to your life if you survive a plane crash isn’t the fire or the smoke?  It’s your everyday average citizen blocking the isles and exits as they try to get their carry-on luggage out of the overhead bin.”

What is your disaster personality?

Will you endanger yourself or your family to help others?

Will you be able to push women and children out of your way to get to safety?

Or will you be the person to allow just one more person into the lifeboat so that it sinks?

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10 Commandments for the Con-Artist


The key to survival for the charismatic leader without a stash of bullets, beans, bandaids and booze, is to extract resources from other peoples labors.

10 Commandments for Con con artists set out by Victor Lustig a con-legend who once took $5K off Al Capone and sold the Eiffel Tower twice.

1. Be a patient listener (it is this, not fast talking, that gets a con-man his coups).

2. Never look bored.

3. Wait for the other person to reveal any political opinions, then agree with them.

4. Let the other person reveal religious views, then have the same ones.

5. Hint at sex talk, but don’t follow it up unless the other fellow shows a strong interest.

6. Never discuss illness, unless some special concern is shown.

7. Never pry into a person’s personal circumstances (they’ll tell you all eventually).

8. Never boast. Just let your importance be quietly obvious.

9. Never be untidy.

10. Never get drunk.

It pays to be the smartest guy in the room.

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You’re Not a Grey Man.

Here’s how I spot the failed grey man.

Those idiotic para-cord bracelets.


A hat with velcro patching.


Mil-spec boots.
A knife clipped to the pant’s pocket.
A shemagh. (you might also be a hipster)
A dive watch that you think a Navy SEAL would wear.
Anything that says “Don’t Tread on Me.”
Oakley sunglasses.
And the biggest give away is if you’re wearing anything from the 5.11 tuxedo collection.  If you’re wearing 5.11 attire, that tells me you’re a cop or some kind of wanna-be cop or contractor wanna-be.
What does all this mean to me?  It means if I spot these telltale signs of tactical-ness, I put you into three categories.
  1. A cop or worse yet a young cop.
  2. A Dueshbag wanna-be cop or blackwater wanna-be contractor who spends too much time on youtube watching gun videos.
  3. A Military serviceman who hasn’t been taught how to be low profile when off duty.
My situational awareness radar has a default setting that red flags and lumps anyone wearing this tacti-cool garb into the category of “moron-with-a-gun” until proven otherwise.

Depending on the scenario, you offer me these assets and liabilities.

You’re the idiot that’ll pull a gun at the wrong time and make a bad situation worse at 200 mph.
Or the bad guy will recognize these failed grey-man clues and shoot you first.
The plus side of that is that you’ll put a spot light on where the bad guys should shoot and buy me time to exit the kill zone.
Don’t get me wrong here.  I like the rule of law and the men and women who bravely enforce it.  I’m pro 2nd amendment and absolutely for an armed citizenry.


My concern is that the majority of gun carrying Americans do not have the training to engage bad guys effectively.  I hope and pray that if I find myself in an environment where armed resistance is needed to stop evil, that whoever pulls a gun that day, can perform that task with professional skills and confidence.
However the reality is that the odds are against that actually happening and so for now, I’ll be looking out for number one.

It pays to be the smartest guy in the room.

If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War” yet, fear not.  You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE or get it in a popular EMP resistant print copy.

Art Of War


SHTF Women Trouble


If society has collapsed, the old rules will become more prevalent than ever.

During a civilized society ending disaster, there will also be the dissolution of the welfare state.  The cash and prizes the government gives out to women divorcees and single mothers for not being able to provide for themselves will cease to exist.

Without a government, the rule of law and the welfare state, women will have to look to men to protect and provide for them.

Communities will band together and your local feminists will abandon their cause and demand that they are owed provision, protection, help and support just because they’re women.

Groups of people will become physically closer.  Family members, friends, acquaintances and even strangers will be in close proximity without the electronic social devices to distract their attention and keep human interaction at a distance.

Socializing at this new intimate “face-to-face” level will bring out or better put, reveal many aspects of human nature that will be new to both male and female.

Things will get primitive.


Problems will start first with the females.

I’m generalizing here of course, but take heed that on a biological level, women are hypergamous.  Hypergamy is neither good or bad, it just is.  It’s also very important for the woman to have this hardwired into her brain during primitive times where resources are not plentiful.


Hypergamy: Is the instinctual desire of humans of the female sex to discard a current mate when the opportunity arises to latch onto a subsequent mate of higher status due to the hindbrain impetus to find a male with the best ability to provide for her OWN offspring (already spawned or yet-to-be spawned) regardless of investments and commitments made to a current mate.

I’ll explain.

If a man gets a woman pregnant, he can leave the next day, never have any involvement, and his genes will still propagate.

If a woman gets pregnant, she’s stuck with the burden for a minimum of 9 months. On top of that, for the child to be successful, she has to invest at least another few years.

Since having a child requires so much work from the woman, it’s vitally important to her that she get the best possible genes for the father’s half of the baby.

Enter hypergamy.

Her brain subconsciously drives her attraction to the absolute best man available in a particular group.  This happens regardless if she’s currently in a committed relationship with someone or not.  Mother nature is a bitch.

Now there’s a Special Note about attraction:


The attraction (or sex) drive is different than the relationship structure preference. Women have a hypergamous sex drive and men have a polygamous sex drive.

When it comes to relationships, men have a primary preference for monogamy and woman have a primary preference for polyandry.

What does this mean?

It means women are, by nature, not very good at being loyal to the tribe or their man.  They’re quick to seek the favor of men who are stronger and more dominant, whether those men are a part of their in-group or not.

In general, the problems within your brand new survival group will originate with the female behavioral spectrum of the survival group.

rollo(Power is why women sleep with their bosses and not the mailroom boy.)

It’s a mistake to be angry about this or at women directly.  It’s ingrained/hardwired into the species.  It’s a biological imperative, evolutionary trait.  It’s the reason you’re here today.

What you should be aware of is that not everyone understands this about human/female nature.  But there are those who do understand.  And among those that do, there may be some that’ll use this knowledge of female nature as a weapon.

Just like all men don’t act on their male nature to propagate the species with as many females as they can. Not all women act on their nature to be with the strongest man in the room.

However, with that being said, in the savage new world after the collapse of civilization as we know it, you men will have to up your game and bring more to the table.  I mean that literally.  You’ll be expected to provide your women more than just a big pay check if you expect sex in exchange for resources.

That brings me to Briffault’s Law.

It would also behoove all you males to understand Briffault’s Law.

Briffault’s Law

“The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place. – Robert Briffault

The Corollaries to Briffault’s Law:

1 – Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.

2 – Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit (see corollary 1)

3 – A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male (which is not bloody likely).

gofor it

When it comes to women, it’s not about everything you’ve done for them before, it’s completely about what you are doing for her today.  So you better think very hard about whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze.

If this is the first time you’re hearing this, you may want to check out my two posts called…

Women Will Have The Most To Fear

A Post Apocalyptically Adjusted Romantic Life.

Believe me!  It pays to be the smartest guy in the room.

If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War” yet, fear not.  You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE or get it in a popular EMP resistant print copy.

Art Of War


It’s Good to be King.


Keep your cunning warrior brain active.

I’m not talking about those stupid meme’s that refer to keeping calm, be polite, but have a plan to kill everyone in the room or the one that say’s “don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.”

Nope, those two dimensional, warrior philosophies are for the peasants, pawns and rookies.

I’m talking about exercising your noodle a bit grander than that.

I’m talking about standing back and looking at the bigger picture.

Alex shtf frame

You must constantly stoke the fires of your inner conquerer.

Let me break this down for you.

Your brain is a muscle and if you are to remain strong for when reality as you’ve known it has been turned upside down and inside out, you must exercise your disaster brain.

With the exception of first responders, hardly anyone at all exercises their disaster brain.

Remember these two points.
#1 It’s good to be King.
#2 Information is power

Most people want to be led and only think superficially.

Most people live pay check to pay check and barely make ends meet.

They’re too busy and don’t have time for such thoughts.

Other than a flashlight for a power outage during a storm, realistically, hardly anyone plans for a disaster at all.


Even with advanced warning of an impending winter storm or hurricane, the News routinely shows people running, last minute to the store for basic supplies. Humans for the most part, are unprepared, reactionary creatures and store shelves don’t hold enough supplies for everyone.

Think Deeper and Darker.

I encourage you to think much deeper than even those who’ve chosen a career in Emergency Management.

In a long term Grid-Down society, it’ll be more important to know where things are and how to get it.

You don’t need to be the guy with all the guns and a year’s supply of food.

It’s way more valuable to be the “Man with the Plan.”

Let’s say you’re one of the legions of people who can’t afford a year’s supply of dehydrated food or a tricked out assault rifle with 2,000 rounds of ammo.  You can’t raise sheep, rabbits or plant a garden.  You know nothing about stacking gold and silver coins and couldn’t afford it if you did.

Here’s where you can become an asset to a community struggling to stay alive.


Here’s the part where Information equals power comes into play.  But you have to do your homework.

Your Homework Assignment.

Get a good map of your area.  Not a map quest map.  Get a good road map or atlas from your local gas station and a larger one from a company like  You must plan like there’s no electricity and no internet.

You should know the location of Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, EMT’s and Vets.

Hey you know where your nearest gas station, Target and Walmart are located right? You’d also be wise to know where your other service assets are in a long term grid-down scenario.

Speaking of Walmart and Target, you’d be wise to know what companies send shipments of goods through your area.  When I say goods, I refer to food that’s being delivered to grocery stores.

What are their schedules?  Where do they stop to make deliveries?  What times?  What current and alternate routs of travel do they have?

Many towns across America have sprung up along the railways that criss-cross this country.

Does a train pass through your town?  What’s the train schedule for your town? 

Where are your water sources?  (Reservoirs, ponds and lakes)

Not only should you know where your local grocery store is, you should also know where your Farmers Markets are located.

How about Fuel?  Do you have storage areas for gasoline, diesel, and kerosine in your area?

Do you know your nearest auto-mechanic, electrician and plumber?

Who runs your local buy and sell auctions and flea markets?

By now, I hope you’re starting to see the picture.  You put yourself at a great disadvantage being the paranoid guy hiding away in your bunker with all your guns and food.

You will do much better by being an asset to your grid-down community if you can solve problems.  At the very least, be the guy who knows a guy that can solve problems.


If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War” yet, fear not.  You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE or get it in a popular EMP resistant print copy.

Art Of War


F@#k Nakatomi Plaza

F@#k Nakatomi Plaza!
I heard that term the other day and it’s one I wholeheartedly subscribe to.
I see many a youtube warrior these days saying how he’s a sheep dog and will use his gun to protect and go to the aid of others.
I say FNP.  If you want to be John McClane and go up against the recently excommunicated member of a radical East German political group, Hans Gruber and his henchmen, knock yourself out.
I’m getting out of the building.


When a deranged and heavily armed individual is hell bent on killing everyone he comes in contact with, the smart individual avoids contact with said deranged individual.
Unless directly confronted with a threat…I am not running towards the sound of gunfire.
The odds are, you’re not that good in a gunfight and from the outset, you’re on the wrong side of the oldest game in the book, which is an ambush!
If you’re still hell bent on being a hero, here’s something to think about.  You could die.
Your wife will collect your life insurance check and comfort her sorrows with some other man and remarry (probably with-in the year) and your kids will eventually play ball with someone else they call dad.

Greenback Whore

Worse yet, you could be severely injured and spend the rest of your life paralyzed in a wheel chair with a colostomy bag attached to your leg.  You could take a bullet to the brain and end up in a nursing home learning your ABC’s all over again.  (At this point you should re-read the part about your wife finding comfort in someone else’s arms.)
If you still have delusions of grandeur and insist on being a hero that saves the day and becomes an instant celebrity for a 24 hr news cycle, you should take into account that the people you save aren’t going to pitch in and pay your medical bills.


I’m not against doing what it takes to defend yourself.  I just don’t believe in getting into a gunfight you don’t have to be in.
I’ll also say this, if you don’t believe in carrying a firearm for your own protection, sorry about your luck. You are on your own.  I’m not responsible for you.
You should do yourself a favor and read my article about not waste your time trying to give answers to people who haven’t even asked the question.


If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War ” yet, and want to know how the predictable, savage nature of your fellow human being will bloom when the lights to go out, fear not. You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE.
It’s also available in a very popular EMP resistant print copy.

Art Of War



A special note:  The DIE HARD movie is a film adaptation of a 1979, Roderick Thorp, Novel called Nothing Lasts Forever.


Are you on someone’s Shit List?


Remember this. The people you’re trying to step on, we’re everyone you depend on. We’re the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. We make your bed. We guard you while you’re asleep. We drive the ambulances. We direct your call. We are cooks and taxi drivers and we know everything about you. We process your insurance claims and credit card charges. We control every part of your life.
We are the middle children of history, raised by television to believe that someday we’ll be millionaires and movie stars and rock stars, but we won’t. And we’re just learning this fact. So don’t fuck with us.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

It doesn’t take a genius to be aware of how disgruntled our population is.

I say in my book, (The SHTF Art of War) that I believe there are hundreds of thousands of people who are disgruntled about their station in life. People hiding in plain sight.  Hoping and waiting for a disaster or calamity big enough to do away with the Rule-Of-Law.
Waiting for their time to rise up with their “Shit List” and exact vengeance upon those they believe to have wronged them personally.
I take this very seriously, given that,  in our current day and age, everyone is offended by everything.  Especially now that your local Law Enforcement Hero is reluctant to respond to “incidents’ for fear of being crucified in the media for doing their duty.


I highly recommend you get ahead of the “Disaster Learning Curve” before the lights go out and you have uninvited dinner guests showing up at your door.


Guests who believe in their hearts that YOU are EVIL for not sharing what you have.
You are on your own.
If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War ” yet, and want to know how the predictable, savage nature of your fellow human being will bloom when the lights to go out, fear not. You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE.
It’s also available in a very popular EMP resistant print copy for 5.99

Art Of War



The Quick & The Dead


All you gun toting, macho, male survivalists and preppers out there listen up!
Your wife know’s the inside of your local grocery store like the back of her hand.  Ask her where the lentil beans are at and she can tell you what isle, what shelf, and how many steps it takes to get there blind folded.
When the some shit-storm disaster goes down and you only have minutes to get to the store for supplies, she is your biggest asset on “knowing where” everything you need in the store is.
Here’s a homework assignment for you.  It doesn’t matter if she’s a prepper or not.  Ask her this…
“If you knew that the all grocery stores were going to close in 30 minutes and would not open up for 30 days, and you only had 10 minutes to go inside and shop, what would you buy?”
Now here’s where you men shut up and listen.  I mean really…shut your trap. Don’t offer any recommendations.
Have a pen and paper ready and write down everything she recommends.
Next and most importantly…Have her draw you a map to where all these items are located in the store.  Take that list and map and make copies.  Put a copy in the glove compartment of all your vehicles.  You never know when disaster will strike and it may be YOU who has to do the “panic” shopping that day.
It would behoove you fellas to go on a “shopping date” with your wife and have her show you where all these items she recommends are located.  That way you’ll have a mental map of where you need to go.
If you know someone who could benefit from this advice, please feel free to share this blog post and/or video.
If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War ” yet, and want to know how the savage nature of human nature will bloom when the lights to go out, fear not. You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE.
It’s also available in a very popular EMP resistant print copy for 5.99

Art Of War


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