F@#k Nakatomi Plaza

F@#k Nakatomi Plaza!
I heard that term the other day and it’s one I wholeheartedly subscribe to.
I see many a youtube warrior these days saying how he’s a sheep dog and will use his gun to protect and go to the aid of others.
I say FNP.  If you want to be John McClane and go up against the recently excommunicated member of a radical East German political group, Hans Gruber and his henchmen, knock yourself out.
I’m getting out of the building.


When a deranged and heavily armed individual is hell bent on killing everyone he comes in contact with, the smart individual avoids contact with said deranged individual.
Unless directly confronted with a threat…I am not running towards the sound of gunfire.
The odds are, you’re not that good in a gunfight and from the outset, you’re on the wrong side of the oldest game in the book, which is an ambush!
If you’re still hell bent on being a hero, here’s something to think about.  You could die.
Your wife will collect your life insurance check and comfort her sorrows with some other man and remarry (probably with-in the year) and your kids will eventually play ball with someone else they call dad.

Greenback Whore

Worse yet, you could be severely injured and spend the rest of your life paralyzed in a wheel chair with a colostomy bag attached to your leg.  You could take a bullet to the brain and end up in a nursing home learning your ABC’s all over again.  (At this point you should re-read the part about your wife finding comfort in someone else’s arms.)
If you still have delusions of grandeur and insist on being a hero that saves the day and becomes an instant celebrity for a 24 hr news cycle, you should take into account that the people you save aren’t going to pitch in and pay your medical bills.


I’m not against doing what it takes to defend yourself.  I just don’t believe in getting into a gunfight you don’t have to be in.
I’ll also say this, if you don’t believe in carrying a firearm for your own protection, sorry about your luck. You are on your own.  I’m not responsible for you.
You should do yourself a favor and read my article about not waste your time trying to give answers to people who haven’t even asked the question.


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A special note:  The DIE HARD movie is a film adaptation of a 1979, Roderick Thorp, Novel called Nothing Lasts Forever.


The first rule of avoiding death or serious bodily injury.


The first rule of avoiding death or serious bodily injury.

Don’t do stupid things with stupid people in stupid places.

We are 25 days out from the Black Friday shopping frenzy.  It’s also a historical fact that deranged individuals with a death wish, like to go on a killing spree in gun free zones where large groups of unarmed people gather.

The recent trend is for active shooters to target malls and other shopping centers.

So now that you know that fact, remember the first rule to avoid death or serious bodily injury.

Be smart.  Shop early.

Take a day off and stay away from the fist fights at the mall over an ipad or some other “thing-ah-majig” you do not need.

Stay home, make yourself your favorite beverage and read the “The SHTF Art of War.

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It Can’t Happen To Me. The Active Shooter.

Can you be caught in the middle of an “Active Shooter” situation?  Yes.

Is it likely? No.

It’s still a smart thing to watch the above video put out by the DHS?  I say Yes.

These events rarely happen.  When they do happen, the media will cover these events for days on end.  It’s all you’ll hear about every minute of the day.  As the media waits for new updates to the unfolding situation they will fill air time by bringing on security experts to talk about what they don’t know and “speculate” on what they think is happening.  The media will ask the witnesses dumb questions like ” what did the shots sound like?” and the witness will say Pow! Pow! Pow!

I’ve given “Active Shooter” presentations to healthcare organizations before.  The main thing to remember is that “YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN” when the shooting starts.  The police are reactionary.  When seconds count, the police are minutes away.  It’s not the fault of the police.  That’s just just the way it’s set up.  They cannot be everywhere at once.

You have to do what you feel is best for you if you’re caught up in an active shooter situation.

I promote not hesitating on making the decision to get the hell out and away as fast as you can by any mean possible.  Break a window if you have to and make a run for it!

I write in my book about the many individuals living among us who are very unhappy and disgruntled about their station in life.  The most dangerous person is someone who feels like they have nothing left to lose.

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