22 Post Apocalyptic Professions From The SHTF Art of War.


What value do you add to a group of people trying to survive and rebuild after the collapse of society as we currently know it?

What makes you worth the group’s precious food and water you’ll consume?

If you say you’ll help with the security because you have an AR-15, you better think again.

Security and manual labor are vitally important to a community rebuilding after a collapse.

However, any idiot can pull security, shovel shit or dig a ditch.

In my book “The SHTF Art of War” I discuss the importance of being an asset and not a liability.

You’ll need to work on securing your place within the group.  Having some kind of medical, technical, mechanical, or other practical skill will go further than being a Starbucks Barista, customer service technician at Walmart, bank teller, or salesman.

To be a real asset to a survival group or community rebuilding after a societal collapse, you’ll need to bring more than your bug out bag and tricked out assault rifle.  You’ll need to bring something more substantial to the survival community or group.

In fact, if you walk up to a desperate survival group and want to join and have no other value to that group other than your shiny new assault rifle, you may not own that rifle for long.

The leader will look upon you, judging whether you are an asset or liability to the group.  He’ll have to consider whether or not you’re worth the precious food and water it will take to keep you within the group.  The leader will more than likely assign a value to you.  Increasing your value to the group also increases your overall survivability within the group.  You goal is not to be on the expendable list.

In a collapsed world that’s reliving the dark ages, there will be plenty of needs to fill.

In no particular order, I have compiled a list of 22 post apocalyptic professions listed in my book “TheSHTF Art of War” for you to consider.



Gardener, Botanist, Herbalist

Well Digger


Cobbler or Shoe Maker

Seamstress and Tailor


Bait Shop Owner

Knife maker

Blacksmith/Metal Worker


Candle Maker

Bowyer and Fletcher


Muzzle Loader Specialist


Soap maker

Laundry Washer


Brothel Owner

The world’s oldest profession has been a part of every civilization since the dawn of man.  Prostitution is still making people money on every continent today.

Trading Post

In the past, trading posts in general were of great importance.  Trading posts were not only a place for buying, selling, and exchanging goods.  It was a place for people to meet and exchange the news of the world or simply the news from their home territory.  In a world where the internet and other forms of information are non-existent, these new trading posts along routes of travel will be a hub of activity.  Owning one of these trading posts, in the right location will put you in midst of information and in the middle of the flow of trade goods.

During the California gold rush, most of the money wasn’t made by the masses of would be miners flocking to the Sacramento Valley in early 1848.  The big fortunes were made in land speculation and services provided for the miners. Few of the men who actually toiled for gold made lasting fortunes. Even when they found large quantities of gold, they were swiftly parted from their fortunes. Who became rich? It was the storekeepers, riverboat captains, women of ill repute, laundry workers, card dealers, and more.

If you don’t have a skill or service to offer a post collapse community, I highly suggest you read “The SHTF Art of War” and start becoming an asset.

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