The very, very best SHTF/WROL weapons!

If you haven’t noticed, ammunition isn’t as easy to get as it was a year ago.  Here’s my recommendation to the “NEW” prepper/survivalist on a budget.

The bad news: You’ve come late to the party and most of the cake has been eaten.

The good news:  You didn’t miss the party!

Don’t forget to acquire the advanced knowledge of how the bad guys are going to operate described in my book “The SHTF Art of War.”   If you don’t see it coming…it won’t matter.  You’ll be dead and the bad guys will be molesting all your “prepps” you worked so hard for…including your significant other.

Too harsh a thought for you?

New Youtube video for the SHTF Art of War book.

This book deals with societal collapse disaster survival subject matter.  Please share the link with people you feel would benefit from this material.

Thank You!

A big thank you and the SHTF meaning of life.

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.”

~Brian Tracy

The S.H.T.F. Art of War book has been Banned!

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as a cause for withdrawing a frienship.”

~Thomas Jeffereson

S.H.T.F. Road Rage!


In my book I describe the places that an Apocalyptic Warlord will target to plunder and rape.

One of those places will be the 100 mile long traffic jams.

In recent history, millions have fled their homes to avoid the impending doom of a hurricane.  People fleeing the cities have been caught up and stranded for days in traffic jams over 100 miles long.

There aren’t enough cops to protect the cities let alone all the highways and back roads.

In the havoc and desperation of masses of people fleeing the cities during a societal collapse, the city streets and interstates will be choked to a standstill.  These long, unprotected, stretches of cash carrying men, women, and children fleeing their homes with their most valuable possessions will be easy pickings for the criminally minded.

Bands of organized marauders and cutthroats will appear once they realize that there will be absolutely no consequences for their actions. They won’t miss a step in taking advantage of an opportunity like this.  They already live in this criminally minded paradigm. They will act fast and have a head start.

You can get ahead of the bad guys by buying “The SHTF Art of War.”  Just click on the picture below.

Art of War Covera 1a1