Are You Experienced?
Ah! Have you ever been experienced?
Well, I have.”
– Jimmy Hendrix

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If you’re not a Combat Vet or First Responder, e.g., Emergency Room Nurse, EMT, Law Enforcement, or Fire Rescue, your brain will have a difficulty processing the information that bombards all your senses during a full blown, category 5, S.H.T.F. disaster event.

Not everyone is experienced and that can’t be helped.  That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Many individuals have never been in a physical fight!  That’s not necessarily a bad thing in a world where everyone gets along.  But we don’t live in that world.


We never have.

Violence is still the Gold Standard on this planet and it would behoove those who want to survive to understand that bloody fact.

A lot of (young) people these day’s can’t even mentally handle an opinion that differs from their’s and become outraged if it makes them feel uncomfortable or their feelings are hurt.

How will they react when they see a dead body or get punched in the face?


Violence, carnage and combat are paralyzingly, powerful, stressful agents to the uninitiated.

Amanda Ripley author of “The Unthinkable“, concludes that “all of us undergo a three-stage process when we find ourselves in mortal peril: denial, deliberation and the “decisive moment,” during which the survivor buckles down and acts. The trick, she says, may be to understand our instincts, which, in a crisis, may betray us. Some people run toward infernos, not away, and even in the face of obvious impending disaster, some people just won’t move.”

These “initiated ” people who are “experienced ” live daily, in the darker world you have never set foot in. They will be reacting faster than your average citizen.

They are exactly the people you need to associate with.

It may be a good idea to expose yourself to a little violence and carnage.  Some Ambulances and Law Enforcement agencies do have a ride along program.  See about spending time in your local Emergency Room.

It’s not all about guns and gear!
A successful survivor is unpredictable. Their greatest survival weapon is their adaptability and how fast they can react in a changing environment.

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A Post Apocalyptically Adjusted Romantic Life.


Only a fool underestimates a woman.  (I speak from vast experience)
It’s a grand mistake to call women the “weaker sex”.


My Lord!

Some women have harnessed their womanly charms and honed their seductive skills to expert precision.
Be warned young man.  History is littered with the gravestones of emperor’s who have fallen prey and lost their kingdoms and empires to the spells of seductive women such as this.
Ever hear the old saying that behind every accomplished man is a good woman? Well…if you look at history, you’ll also find that many a woman behind a great man, was also the demise of him.


Women throughout history have sold out their men to their enemies for personal gain. They’ve also just killed their man off by poisoning him.  Even in recent years you can see military generals and politicians having to step down from office or resign because of some “indiscretions” involving a woman.
Now please do not take this little bit of writing as a “dig” or “provocation” to womankind. I’m a fan of women.  I respect and admire these wonderful creatures. However, I’m not one to mistake their kindness for weakness.


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