One Gun

“Fear the man who only has one gun.”

“He probably knows how to use it!”


One of the most controversial chapters in my book is the one that covers what I feel is the best apocalyptic firearm.  Not everyone has the budget to have more than one firearm and a boatload of ammunition for each one.

I firmly believe it’s better to focus your efforts on ONE quality firearm and invest in ammunition and spare pats for that one gun.


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Art Of War



Got Guns?


“You see, in this world, there’s two kinds of people, my friend — those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.”
~Clint Eastwood, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Now I’ll be the first to say that I think way too many preppers and survivalist focus entirely too much on firearms for survival.

While I’m all for having the best gun and gear you can afford and the best training you can get. I find all the weapons talk on the inter-web to be juvenile and boring.

This obsession with the top 5 guns every doomsday prepper should have is ludicrous.

I suggest you subscribe to the words of the Major Basil Plumley character played by Sam Elliot in the movie “We Were Soldiers”.

When asked if he thinks he should get himself an M-16, he replies…

“Sir, if the time comes I need one, there’ll be plenty lying on the ground.”

We were Soldiers

However, whether I like it or not is is irrelevant.  History shows that weapons do make a difference.

Even in the hands of children.gun child

And in a lawless land, I prefer to be armed.

In my book I have a section called “Pick a Winning SHTF Survival Team.  At the beginning of that section I say the following;

“You have to keep in mind that human nature hasn’t changed throughout history.  Societies have always run on these 4 rules.”

1.   The strongest get what they want before the weakest.

2.   Men have always subjugated other men in one fashion or another.

3.   The people with the money and wealth make the rules.

4.   The people who have weapons enforce the rules.

Being armed or not is a personal choice.

I will say this, whatever you choose, you should at the very least understand the 4 rules I’ve listed above.


If you haven’t read “The SHTF Art of War” yet, and want to know how the bad guys are going to operate when the lights go out, fear not. You can get it immediately with no waiting on KINDLE.



The odds were 4 to 1 when I met a man with a gun.


I crossed paths with this outnumbered, gun toting man while backpacking with three other men in the vast and remote wilderness known as the BWCA.  The BWCA is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, is a 1,090,000-acre wilderness area within the Superior National Forest in northeastern Minnesota.  To use the term remote to describe that area is an understatement.

The man was carrying a canoe on his shoulders through one of the many portages you’ll find in the BWCA and his firearm was in plain view upon his right hip.

The man didn’t threaten me and the gun didn’t make me fear for my life.

The man with the gun didn’t ask or demand my respect.

What that firearm did do, was reminded me to be polite.

It reminded me of my youth and the stern look I’d get from my dad if I had a momentary lapse in the proper manners my mother and grandmother had taught me.  I knew from experience, that my dads stern look held behind it a guaranteed, appropriate amount of ass whoop-en.” 

We humans sometimes forget that manners aren’t instinctual to our species.  It’s a behavior that needs to be taught and in some cases reminders need to be given.

Seeing that gun reminded me to pay attention to what I do and say. It reminded me to be polite and look someone in the eye when I meet them and nod hello.

As the man with the gun politely said hello and passed us by, something else happened.  An attractive woman with a backpack appeared 50 yards down the trail.  She was following behind the armed man.  She was obviously the man’s significant other.

All at once and without being told, everyone in my group, stood to the side of the trail to let her pass and tipped our hats with a nod and greeted her with the phrase “good morning ma’am.”

That small incident, out in that very wild and remote area where there literally is no 911 service stuck with me and made me think.  It made me think about how much more polite our society would be if openly wearing a side arm was just as much in fashion as wearing a cell phone.

Robert A. Heinlein, one of the most influential science fiction authors once said;

“An armed society is a polite society.  Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”


Thank you kindly for taking the time to read my post.

I bid you a good day and safe travels.

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I have peace of mind knowing my Amigos have my back.

Community is always key in surviving any disaster.  The same will be true during an event that causes a societal collapse.

Since the dawn of time, history shows, we humans always do better when we band together and work towards a common goal.  I personally like my community to be a well armed community.  When the power is out and the streets are dark, good guys with guns tends to keep the bad guys away. 

In the event of a complete societal collapse, where goods and services have stopped flowing throughout the country, there will be no 911.  No Law Enforcement or Emergency services to come to your aid. The constitution won’t matter. They’ll be no civil liberties, bill of rights or Geneva Convention to protect your, human rights.

Bands of organized marauders and cutthroats will appear once they realize that there will be absolutely no consequences for their actions. They won’t miss a step in taking advantage of an opportunity like this.  They already live in this criminally minded paradigm. They will act fast and have a head start.

In the recent history of natural disasters, looters and criminals take advantage of these grid down, chaotic situations in less than 24 hrs.  The bigger the disaster, the more embolden they become and the faster they strike.

When the lights go out and the rule of law disappears, you don’t want to be the one who is completely defenseless and without even the most basic knowledge of how the badguys are going to operate.

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